What people in tony abbotts seat think about same sex marriage.

If you read this, you won’t be surprised. But if you have been reading for a while, you will also be unsurprised, because these are a long time ago.

In January 2008 we wrote:

“…The government says it wants marriage equality … but, crucially, it doesn’t – it’s not do바카라ing anything. It’s standing by – and doing nothing. Or not doing anything. The Prime Minister seems completely content that the Marriage Law and the Marriage Act are separate, and that the Constitution is unchanged. What makes this situation much more peculiar is that the Minister of Justice – and this has to do with the Prime Minnatyasastra.comister, as he himself has indicated – says that there should be a referendum next year. So that means that the government is going to give themselves a legal excuse to go ahead and legislate marriage equality.”

And at that point there was a great flurry of newspaper and radio commentary. The British newspaper columnist Tony Benn wrote that if the government had any sense it would introduce same sex marriage, the UK’s Chief Rabbi Rabbi said it had to and the Mayor of London said:

“It’s clear that this is not about gay equality but about marriage and family. That’s how my friends and I got on and this is not about the right to marry but about family. Marriage is essential.”

It took us many years to get to that point, however.

It really is just a matter of time until something changes, because the marriage law (which I have written about here and here) is not changing anyway.

At the other end of this continuum there are those that feel we are still in the same boat.

The head of the British Humanist Association, Norman Lamb, said last year:

“I think더킹카지노 there needs to be an end to homophobia.”

I think that’s the right thing to do. I think there has to be an end to discrimination based on sexual orientation. I am not a big fan of gay conversion therapy. I think people who go there are not getting the treatment they need and I think that, to me, it just shows they are out of the NHS. We have to get a system of rights and equality in place now.

What have you made your thoughts on this matter? We might all have opinions on it.

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