Scaring birds from mango crop using lasers,” says Dhananjay Gogai, Senior Research Scientist of the National Institute for Space Research, Delhi University, India.

In March 2013, Gogai and fellow scientists published a paper (pdf) on how they manipulated green plants with an electric current to produce mangoes which were more vulnerable to pesticides and insect bites, even under normal condit바카라사이트ions. They were looking for factors that affected fruit quality, especially health and taste. They studied several types of blue-flowered trees grown in India and found that they all produce the green mango (Rosa pepo) better if they are irrigated with solar energy. But to produce the same amount of green mango under normal conditions, each of these species requires two litres of water.

It wasn’t p더킹카지노ossible to grow the mangoes in the lab. Instead, they had to use the best light conditions (100K), and produce mangoes that were more attractive for birds. Then, Gogai and his team used lasers to measure how the mangoes would survive in the lab.

To study the effects of blue-flowered trees growing in soil, the team set up a three-metre, three-foot-tall structure made out of plastic plastic bags, about 100 metres from the mango trees. In the plant, they grew the trees two metres above the soil and irrigated them by placing a solar-powered light bulb on top of a plastic bottle. The amount of LED lights that were placed between the plants grew to a whopping 700 lumens, or more than 1000 times the intensity needed to cause eye damage in humans. The light bulbs were spaced as much as 60 cm apart to produce the same effect.

“The light intensity had to be high enough to reduce the growth of the mango trees,” says Gogai, “But we found that it wasn’t necessary, since the LED bulbs were able to completely kill the plants.”

Gogai says that they found that water supply in the mango trees was also an important factor: if they had poor water quality or other problems, this would have a negative effect on yield.

“The experiment showed that irrigation made the trees produce a more attractive fruit,” he says.

To measure the light intensity, the researchers also applied a special kind of pesticide called DDT to the trees’ leaves (the chemical caused eye problems). The leaves of the m우리카지노angoes showed higher levels of the pesticide than the other types of plants they grew in the lab.

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