Local govt group to discuss highway inquest probe

Rohith said they had been talking for more than 24 hours as they continued to probe the road accident.

The Supreme Court has asked them to submit a report by next month, following which another committee would be appointed to look at the matter.

It will be chaired by former chief justice of the Delhi High Court, R K Nariman, a three-judge bench has accepted the recommendation of the Delhi High Court and asked the Delhi government to file a report.

Earlier, the Delhi government said it was taking the recommendations put forward by the Supreme Court seriously.

“The state government has accepted these recommendations. We will conduct a detailed investigation and bring appropriate sanction against anyone found guilty for the road accident,” senior civil aviation officials told India Today.

In a case under IPC section 35A, “intentional cause of death” will be established from the blood-alcohol level. But it is not expected to happen in a “serious accident” like the one on which the teenager died.

“As per our findings, the maximum 우리카지노amount of alcohol (in the blood) in the body must have been between 0.05 and 0.08% and the maximum permissible dose was 25mg,” said R K Nariman.

He said that it was possible that the driver of the motorbikes in the two vehicles may be to blame since both the motorbikes are equipped with airbags.

However, the police said “there were no evidence of any injuries, deaths or injuries to the driver”.

T우리카지노hey said that the police has been informed and the state government will submit a report to the Supreme Court, for possible follow-up investigation.

The apex court said it is interested in the report, because it could determine the appropriate punishment for the driver.

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In an extraordinary statement made after the bench asked for the report, Naveen Bhandari, Additional Solicitor gospelhitzGeneral, said they will send it to the government on May 6.

“We will have a report ready on July 1 next month. We will also examine these issues after that, for the coming months. As a special government officer I am of the view that all possible actions will be taken as per our inquiry and after consulting the Supreme Court and the CBI, if appropriate,” Bhandari told PTI.

Earlier, the state government had said it may face some financial penalty due to the “grave injustice” that has been don